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                  multicolour the name of justice and peace united nations Mary Angela Nangini
                  e-mail ~Mary Angela Nangini
                  dutch boy in primary colors salutes Nancy Smith
                  e-mail ~Nancy Smith
                  spirit triumphant outside the lines Jeri
                  e-mail ~Jeri
                  thus we inter-are the world´s final victory ena
                  e-mail ~Ena Linares
                  mid September-- my eyes focused on the red, white, and blue -naia
                  e-mail ~Naia
                  Reality is Nothing more than All our misconceptions Glenn
                  e-mail ~Glenn Laundre
                  summer sunrise out of the can - off the wall, an American artist Deborah Russell
                  e-mail ~Deborah Russell
                  Captain America Our fate depends upon you Save us from ourselves mike
                  e-mail ~mike startup
                  abstract art in this abandoned paint can Janet Parker
                  e-mail ~Janet Parker
                  the painter and the painting are one ron moss
                  e-mail ~Ron Moss

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