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                  the ancient tree graced in autumn colours harvest canopy Mary Angela Nangini
                  e-mail ~Mary Angela Nangini
                  tree's bare limbs crooked in distress -- fiery foliage Nancy Smith
                  e-mail ~Nancy Smith
                  fiery canopy falls upon grassy coolness a season born Jeri
                  e-mail ~Jeri Haubiel
                  autumn light a dead tree's branches in the forest Martin Gottlieb Cohen
                  e-mail ~Martin Cohen
                  flaming orange leaves, dark, heavy limbs akimbo -- long shadows be still! -- Richard Stevenson
                  e-mail ~Richard Stevenson
                  traces of gold amongst yellows and greens - titmouse twittering Ted M. Zachwieja
                  e-mail ~Ted M. Zachwieja
                  more than a tree... touching the ancient bark tells me so joyce maxner 8-29-01
                  e-mail ~joyce maxner
                  flaming tree of gold countless autumns you have seen gnarly are your limbs mike
                  e-mail ~Mike
                  autumn wind - twisted branches hold tight the bright leaves MaryJane Turner
                  e-mail ~MaryJane Turner
                  gnarled branched tree -- shadows of orange and green burst into light hortensia anderson
                  e-mail ~hortensia anderson
                  bend to bend a water-oak branch hesitates an ink-brushed line Debra Woolard Bender
                  e-mail ~Debi Bender(
                  My wife, Lynne: Laughing child of Fall Happy song upon the breeze Anchor of the soul -mike
                  e-mail ~mike startup
                  summer sunset Van Gogh eyes paint a single tree Deborah Russell
                  e-mail ~Deborah Russell
                  this old tree basked in the orange glow of autumn Janet Parker
                  e-mail ~Janet Parker
                  twisted oak - out of the shadows sings in orange light ron moss
                  e-mail ~Ron Moss
                  autumn blaze the gnarled limbs of an ancient elm allen
                  e-mail ~allen
                  breeze incants cool rainbow incenses ~ trees all abloom ~ Narayanan * ancient ikebana unfolds the vast sky ~ the autumn tree ~ Narayanan
                  e-mail ~Narayanan
                  sun beamed blazed color the chilling air less harsh as a poet takes pen David Wood
                  e-mail ~David Wood
                  autumn sunset-- the fire red glow of the giant maple Adelaide B. Shaw
                  e-mail ~Adelaide B. Shaw

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