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                  summer's end so heavily laden with persimmons Museki Abe
                  e-mail ~Mitsugu Abe
                  oh, persimmons hurry to ripeness I'm hungry now! Maleti
                  e-mail ~Maleti
                  persimmon's promise summer's bitter abundance is autumn sweetness soji
                  e-mail ~soji
                  my mouth waters awaits your sweet harvest fruit green persimmons Mary Angela Nangini
                  e-mail ~Mary Angela Nangini
                  silently waiting to grace your table~ picked persimmons peigi
                  e-mail ~peigi ann sway
                  dank air-- no sun for the persimmons today -naia
                  e-mail ~Naia
                  the weight of morning heavy - a sour taste of persimmons Deborah Russell
                  e-mail ~Deborah Russell
                  not yet ripe these green persimmons imagining their sweetness Janet Parker
                  e-mail ~Janet Parker
                  green persimmons - a fingerprint lifts morning dew ron moss
                  e-mail ~Ron Moss
                  early summer persimmons ripen with the season allen
                  e-mail ~allen

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