January 2003
          mile high club she joined out of the blue /suhni persistent jay each call a little closer /cindy smugly she shows off her sapphire ring /lynne the button from his navy pea coat saved /suhni cooking for one she turns up the gas flame /cindy cold front the sea so calm /lynne indigo the artist chooses to paint the darkest cloud first /suhni this haunting in bessie smith's voice /cindy horse show over a first place ribbon in her back pocket /lynne at last a colorenga to match the bags under my eyes /suhni stuck again because the nurse can't find a vein /cindy my tired body sliding into turquoise water /lynne
This Colorenga was composed by members of the basho's beatniks haiku group.All rights to the material presented on this page are retained by the individual contributors and may not be usedwithout their express, written permission. Colorenga Index return to Haiku Poets Hut