January 2003
          amethyst crystals in her medicine pouch /s african violets only the sounds of ancient rattles and bells /k moonlit walk cascading grape vines in silhouette /cr alone with my reflection in the wine glass /s outside the soup kitchen plum blossoms drift/kk stars at dusk a scent of lavender at the open gate /cr lilacs on her dresser grandma's talcum powder /s wrapped in a fine linen hanky his purple heart/kk sunday dinner the eggplant marinating in marsala /cr 'here we go 'round themulberry bush' stirring our tea /s at the disco white under black lights/kk playing the barney song again and again /cr
              This Colorenga was composed by members of the basho's beatniks haiku group.All rights to the material presented on this page are retained by the individual contributors and may not be used without their express, written permission.
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