lemon drops new york taxis roll the avenue /gb in the rain trying to turn the yellow pages /s Shanghai Moon butterfly shrimp to go /kk goldfinch thistle seed sowed on the wind /gb haystacks haystacks haystacks a long trip thru kansas /s Wichita Thunder Scarecrows show what they're made of /kk he peeked under her battered skimmer curious /gb black eyed peas & cornbread this year i got the penny /s celebrating alone she orders a young chablis /kk specimen delivered the long wait for the inevitable /gb sunrise her halo glowing on the bedpost /s that light before dusk the palomino nuzzles her new-born foal /kk
            This Colorenga was composed by members of the basho's beatniks haiku group. All rights to the material presented on this page are retained by the individual contributors and may not be used without their express, written permission.
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