January 2003
            the stars hang thick in winter trees /cr full moon wolf's image in the clouds /ar woodsmoke curls over the snow fort /hm winter home a spider hangs silk in the laundry room /cr turbulence her face as white as a sheet /ar whir whir whir fresh cream spatters on the tile /hm central park statue pigeons coming and going /cr cholesterol 320! no more sunny side up /ar white caps the clipper under full sail /hm beauty salon a cut and bleach saturday morning /cr no longer a virgin she wears ivory at the altar /ar soapsuds on her hands another clean plate /hm
              This Colorenga was composed by members of the basho's beatniks haiku group. All rights to the material presented on this page are retained by the individual contributors and may not be used without their express, written permission.
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