January 2003
          final fitting the bridal dress too tight / cindy her third marriage . . . she chooses white /betty they slow dance his carnation crushed / gary a cold kiss with vanilla ice cream /cindy at the zoo . . .a baby zebra cuddling with mother /betty a drifting berg bear cubs play with a seal /gary winter night orion's belt to guide me home /cindy an eerie sound whistles through the Black Forest / betty bicyclers enter the tunnel unsure this track abandoned / gary birthday gift no ant farm without the ants /cindy working . . a bucket of paint for the picket fence /betty the trade one set of dominoes missing double zero /gary
              This Colorenga was composed by members of the basho's beatniks haiku group. All rights to the material presented on this page are retained by the individual contributors and may not be used without their express, written permission.
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