Favorite Poetry


Shortest summer night... come dawn, lamps still burn on the bay. Shiki


A unicorns observation

Peter S Beagle from The Last Unicorn [The unicorn] sighed and plodded on, both amused and disappointed. It serves you right, she told herself. You know better than to expect a butterfly to know your name. All they know are songs and poetry, and anything else they hear.. They mean well, but they can't keep things straight. And why should they? They die so soon.


cricket clan sijo*

by hortensia anderson

gatherers of the cricket clan speak a foreign tongue to me many words I understand others take root in my heart finally I find my tribe in the language of the wind


      wisterias & lice

      by Carlos Fleitas basho retired a hut in the mountain deep & true awareness alone the path of haiku his everyday journey mosquitoes & buddha wisterias & whores satori would come nirvana and that all & issa did plunge into deep waters of everyday life face of amida nothing to find nembutsu, nembutsu no path but dusty roads nirvana is samsara nirvana is at hand with lice and that all

      mantras & frogs

      by Carlos Fleitas mantras & temples issa and lice basho and the frog full moon ahead emperors rule & beggars sleep in harsh dusty beds full moon ahead lovers & whispers breezes & scents everything is set nobody in pain the buddha Yawns....
      Carlos Fleitas



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