Favorite Poetry


Moonlight nightingale casts a whistling line of sound over the millpond. Basho


Two untitled poems

byeaf untitled 40 we improvise, swaying with provocative gestures. Fitzgerald's tender affair with the mellow trombones sails as distinct notes in the smoky air... intoxicating intoxicated you smile gently and dance away from me into the thick, polished dark untitled 39 embracing , we reject rational concepts lets walk to Paris


Coney Island of the Mind #5

by Lawrence Ferlinghetti Sometime during eternity some guys show up and one of them who shows up real late is a kind of carpenter from som square-type place like Galilee and he starts wailing and claiming he is hep to who made heaven and earth and that the cat who really laid it on us is his Dad And moreover he adds Its all writ down on some scroll-type parchments which some henchmen leave lying around the Dead Sea somewheres a long time ago and which you won't even find for a coupla thousand years or so or at least for nineteen hundred and fortyseven of them to be exact and even then nobody really believes them or me for that matter You're hot they tell him And they cool him They stretch him on the Tree to cool And everybody after that is always making models of this Tree with Him hung up and always crooning His name and calling him to come down and sit in on their combo as if he is the king cat whos got to blow or they can't quite make it Only he don't come down from His tree Him just hang there on His Tree looking real Petered out and real cool and also according to a round-up of late world news from the usual unreliable sources real dead




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