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whisking tea by Stephen Fox seamless sky winter water whisking tea side by side offering, receiving stars drift down moonless winter rain tea bowls passed no dream whisking tea voice of the kettle* winter chill sweeping the tea room vows renewed zuiho e-mail ~ Stephen Fox Response to whisking tea by Takashi Nonin rustling snow on the bamboos voice of the kettle- silence reigns crisp ringing welkin golden balls of tangerines going to temple to tea Fresh verdure- quaff off its colour whisking tea in the open out of tea-arbour into evening winter rain- couple in love soft body in kimono slithers to the guest with a cup of clay -Takashi e-mail: ~ Takashi Nonin the tea continues by zuiho not a dream out in the dark rain koto morning tea offering its fragrance a pine bough beyond the hearth winter chill deeper day by day whisking serenity tea wind zuiho

*(matsukaze, pine wind=the sound of the tea kettle)
e-mail ~ Stephen Fox
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