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moss-covered steps muffle the echoes temple bell --acm e-mail ~ A.C. Missias winter returns seagulls leave the lamp posts to the ravens frosty morning the fog strings beads on caterpillar webs Cindy e-mail ~ Cindy Zackowitz full moon overhead some call it a dreamers moon others, something else soji e-mail ~ soji On this moonless night meditating in the dark full moon overhead Yura e-mail ~ Yuri & Nadejda Runov dreamers' moon - strange flowers bloom in the dark -Noor e-mail ~ Noor Singh Khalsa clinging to a leaf the last water drop holds a rainbow -- Gerla -- e-mail ~ G. Weidema - Brakkee More Haiku this way Haiku Festival index Haiku Poets Hut

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