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moments before dawn cool breeze in the unblackness anticipation - Jeff Hamm e-mail ~ Jeff Hamm the blind man crosses then amidst the crowd softly praises his dog Tailwind... e-mail ~ Jerry Hinson unexpectedly the shadows from our past intruding DeeDee e-mail ~ Delores A. Heinen empty street at noon on a school day a dog paces Ferris e-mail ~ Ferris Gilli A bird in a cage of seventeen syllables singing happily Yura e-mail ~ Yuri & Nadejda Runov split logs crackle while a winter wind howls into the darkness ~Susan e-mail ~ Susan Watkins venetian blinds imprisoned bowl of red apples ^^shang-ti e-mail ~ Larry Gross More Haiku this way Haiku Festival index Haiku Poets Hut

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