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Some days are...

When I was young (just last Tuesday) the world was a wondorous place a grand, great-to-be-alive place but, full of unanswered riddles and mysterious things I could never hope to understand. But, now it's Wednesday and I am older (I'm always older on Wednesdays) and the world is still very much the same. Tomorrow, if it's Thursday I may be a drum. (I'm not always a drum on Thursday)

old letters...

I was going through some old letters a few days ago when I came across a picture of you from all those years ago. It was sort of odd too, because just a couple of days ago I'd been thinking of you and how beautiful you were. I smiled when I saw you there, then I frowned... I hadn't remembered your nose being quite that large or the way your right eyelid drooped a little more than the left and I wondered if you always had your hair done that way. It had to have been a bad picture, so I crumpled it up and threw it away and sat there, smiling, remembering how much in love we were and how beautiful you were.


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