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a poem by soji

            High hopes oscilloscopes pass the catsup(ketchup) is this my fault but you promised the deadline is closing in and 14 monkeys fell from grace because she wiggled her butt in such a provocative way but Sam couldn't have cared because as he said there's more to this than meets the I who said that? correct inflect inject interject ejaculate emasculate masticate (nope, I wasn't going to say that) but, the big question is if someone is inept might someone else or even the original someone be ept? Look it up it's not there, anywhere but somewhere there's a sign that says 32 miles to Tucumcari and what the hell's the significance in that if a Tutu got Cari coming across the road for a cup of coffee every morning and I love the way your lips move when you laughingly sing lilting lullabies Baby.

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